Paramotor Camping - Glamis Sand Dunes

Arrived by air. I can’t tell you how awesome this is. I do enjoy backpacking and love summiting mountains... but being able to fly into a far remote site is a flavor of awesome in its own.

I flew out to a remote location at the Glamis sand dunes with a crew of guys and I had to find a good enough spot that was both far away enough, and allowed me to be able to take off from the next day. I spotted this place and circled it in the air a few time just to be sure there weren’t going to be any surprises and then committed. I got set up about 20 min to sunset and played around on the dunes. No reception in this valley as it surrounded me with tall sandy slopes which I had to jump off, of course. The night was totally calm and enjoyable.

By morning there was a breeze out of the east which meant I had a slight uphill launch (in sand) so I was a bit nervous but the wind scooped me up in a reverse launch and I was back at the base camp by 6:45am to drop the gear and go fly with the others again.